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Edens / Chicago: The City of Big Shoulders (DVD)

The Chicago episode of Edens Lost & Found -- The City of Big Shoulders — hosted by NPR Weekend Today's Scott Simon, tells stories about inspirational environmental activists: Marian Byrnes, the conscience of the Calumet; Steve Packard and Debra Shore, preservers of a little ecosystem on the prairie; Illinois Teacher of the Year Deb Perryman who plays real-life sustainability games with her high-school students in Elgin; Michael and Amelia Howard, who tackle environmental justice issues in their African-American Fuller Park Neighborhood at their Eden Place nature school; Victor Crivello's efforts to convert an industrial brownfield into a flourishing plain; and finally, the story of the rough-and-tumble Mayor Richard Daley whose "greening of Chicago" and cleaning up of the Chicago River is sometimes tough to swallow. 


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