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Edens / Philadelphia: The Holy Experiment (DVD)

Philadelphia: The Holy Experiment, hosted by actor and Philadelphia resident David Morse, describes how concerned citizens like activists Doris Gualtney and Iris Brown, muralist Jane Golden, sculptor Lily Yeh, musician Kenny Gamble, gardener Mary Corby, restauranteur Judy Wicks, grieving father Ed Elliss, and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society's "Philly Green" initiative spawned by Joan
Reilly, Jane Pepper and Blaine Bonham, Jr. have all combined to grow a new title — "Farmadelphia" — for the city founded by William Penn in honor of his father. The present-day "greening" of Philadelphia has many diverse and energetic faces but none is more dominant than its founder who laid out a groundwork for an Eden-like green, inhabitable city in the early 1700's, that is now being fulfilled.

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