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Commercial Salmon Fisherman (DVD)

Take a ride on the high seas with life-long commercial salmon fisherman, Doug Fricke. Follow Doug as he heads out to sea struggling to fill his salmon quota. Doug discusses the hardships he faces as a fisherman in a world where the price of fuel and gear have skyrocketed and the salmon population has dramatically declined. Because of his close connection to the sea and the salmon, Doug has always stressed the importance of sustainable fishing practices to ensure there will still be salmon for his children and grandchildren to fish.

The future of salmon fishing faces many challenges due to the continued decline in salmon populations along the coasts of California and Oregon. Both States have been forced to suspend commercial fishing while Washington State has enacted severe restrictions. What will the future hold for Doug Fricke and other fisherman trying to make a living? To learn more watch, “Commercial Salmon Fisherman Doug Fricke.” (Length: 8 min.)

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