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The Going To Green Curriculum


The Going to Green Academic Curriculum, a text book on
sustainability, provides an innovative new approach to educating people
about the environment by giving them the tools they need to not only
learn about the environment but also to mobilize themselves to tackle
the hard work of creating greener, more prosperous and sustainable

This unique learning resource combines an integrated, detailed
academic curriculum with service based learning activities to inspire
and empower learners to build greener, fairer, healthier communities.

Exercises, data and examples, profiles of good practice, discussion
points, group activities, and extensions provide educators with a potent
set of tools to empower learners to tackle challenges like land use,
waste disposal, transportation, green building, loss of diversity, water
use, and more.

Tested in high schools, university extension classes, community
colleges, and community organizations, this teacher-friendly curriculum
is rated a highly successful program for knowledge acquisition across
disciplines, and knowledge creation and citizenship through active
learning. The program also meets NSTA and NCSS national standards for
grades 9-12 and includes a wide variety of cross-curricular activities
with a focus on literature, math and art.

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