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Michael Howard's Eden Place: From Brownfield to Nature Preserve (DVD)

The Fuller Park neighborhood of Chicago had many rundown houses and
one-third of the lots were vacant. "We started by helping people fix up
their homes," says Michael. "Then we started thinking about the
abandoned lot across the street from our house. It had been an illegal
dump site for 35 years," he says. "We had to do something about it." For
the average person, this would have been a daunting project, but not to
Michael and his wife Amelia.

Michael looked to the community for input, but many in this
predominantly black neighborhood, thought helping the environment was a
white man's thing. "I slowly convinced them that it's a human being's
thing to take care of the environment. We need to take care of where we
live," he says. Find out how Michael made this happen in Michael
Howard's Eden Place

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