Edens / Los Angeles: Dream a Different City (DVD)


Edens / Los Angeles: Dream a Different City (DVD)

Jimmy Smits hosts the Los Angeles segment of Edens Lost & FoundDream a Different City.

Los Angeles made smog and pollution into household words. The effects of humans on natural ecosystems are extensive in this metropolis: native habitat is scarce, wildlife movement is obstructed, surface and groundwater quality are impaired, and ocean water quality is affected.
But no longer. To everyone’s surprise, Los Angeles is discovering mass transit. The Expo Line represents the first east-west light rail-line in Los Angeles in 50 years. But, more importantly, its citizens have said enough, and are putting not just their words, but their backs into the effort to recover the Edens they have lost.

This DVD tells the stories of some of these people and grass-roots organizations. TreePeople, founded by Andy Lipkis, is leading the campaign to plant one million trees in the next decade. Girls Today, Women Tomorrow brings together profession women who mentor the girls of Boyle Heights, teaching them about nutrition, exercise, leadership skills and civic involvement. Find out more about these people and others in this episode of Edens Lost&Found.