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The Little Train That Didn’t (DVD)

"The Little Train That Didn’t" is the heroic story of an ad hoc group of grass roots activists fighting to establish a 40-mile monorail system throughout the city of Seattle. The Seattle monorail was first introduced during the1962 World’s Fair. The proposed citywide expansion was approved by the voters in 1996 but immediately became the target of real estate and political interests.

It successfully fought back on two different recall attempts but was finally defeated by a coordinated and highly questionable media campaign in 2006. Monorail systems have proven to be cheaper, faster, quieter and easier to install than most other fixed rail or subway systems. Monorail systems run on electricity so they don’t pollute the environment.

To learn more about the rise and fall of Seattle’s monorail watch, “The Little Train That Didn’t.” (Length: 19 min.)

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