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Wangari Maathai: Planting Trees for Peace (DVD)

Wangari Maathai, 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner and founder of the Green Belt Movement, discusses her life growing up in Kenya and how she watched as the pristine natural environment around her began to disappear and once abundant resources became scarce. Seeing all this happen around her, she came up with the simple solution to plant trees. What started as a simple idea eventually grew into a major grass roots movement focused on civic and environmental education for the people of Kenya.

This movement eventually gained enough support for the people of Kenya to resist efforts by the government to put an end to their environmental campaign. Today Wangari travels around the world to deliver her message of peace through the responsible management of resources. To learn more about Wangari Maathai and her efforts watch, “Wangari Maathai: Planting Trees for Peace.” (Length: 43 min.)

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